Our speech therapy services are designed to create a playful and safe environment for children to improve their speech and language skills. Our clients are children with receptive and expressive language delays and disorders, articulation and phonological disorders, stuttering/fluency disorders, feeding and swallowing issues, as well as voice disorders.

Services are available at home, schools, daycares, and tele-therapy. 

Mommy and Me group classes are coming soon!

Shira grew up in South Florida already knowing she wanted to be a pediatric speech language pathologist. She attended Long Island University, C.W. Post for her Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology and worked for the New York City Department of Education for 7 years serving students grades Kindergarten through 8th. While being off in the summers, Shira wanted to expand her knowledge in the field by working at a Skilled Nursing Facility in the Bronx working with adults with swallowing and language deficits. In 2017, Shira got married and moved to Dallas, Texas where she worked in the public school system for three years, while beginning to work in pediatric home health in the evenings and on the weekends. Throughout the years, Shira began supervising Speech Language Pathology Assistants, administering evaluations and providing professional development sessions. As COVID-19 hit, Shira, like many SLPs, switched quickly to providing tele-therapy to her school-based caseload as well as her home health patients. In May 2020, Shira and her family moved to South Florida. Since then, Shira has been working with children in person as well as on tele-health. In early 2021, she founded Walkie Talkie Therapy Group to serve children with communication disorders in South Florida. Shira is licensed as an SLP in Florida, New York, and Texas. She is looking forward to building a relationship with you and your family!


Language Therapy

Supports your child's receptive and expressive language development.

Articulation and Phonology Therapy

Helps children with unclear speech to better articulate sounds and words properly.

Feeding Therapy

Supports sensory and oral motor feeding challenges to make mealtime for enjoyable.


Stay safe during this time. Virtual in-home therapy visits in Florida, New York, and Texas!

Early Intervention

Parent support and guidance as well as intervention for late toddler talkers.

Parent Coaching and consultation

Coaching sessions are designed for parents to implement strategies in between speech therapy sessions.


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